CVL Valve 250ml

CVL Valve 250ml

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A treatment which lubricates valves, controls the flame front and prevents detonation.


Dosage, 1 bottle (250 mls) to 20 litres (maximum) unleaded petrol for all motorsport applications. Precise treatment levels should be determined by test bed experimentation. Equally effective in modern engines fitted with knock sensors and catalytic conve

User Benefits

  • Enables older competition engines to run on unleaded fuel.
  • Provides similar flame front control as lead, thereby enabling engines to run more advanced ignition timing without danger of pre-ignition or detonation.
  • Proven chemistry protects against valve seat recession.
  • Mixes with leaded, unleaded, LRP and other fuels containing octane enhancing additives such as oxygenates, ethanol and MTBE.