Castrol XXL40 5ltr

Castrol XXL40 5ltr

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  • Castrol Classic XXL 40 is high quality traditional monograde engine oil of low detergency.
  • Low detergency can be essential for any unrestored (or unknown condition) engines where deposits may be sealing the engine.
  • Removing these deposits may cause oil leaks and potential oilway blocking.
  • Castrol Classic XXL 40 must not be mixed with either Castrol R40 or any other synthetic or castor/synthetic based oils.

  • Castrol Classic XXL 40 is particularly applicable for pre-1959 veteran, vintage and classic cars where the requirement isfor an SAE 40 lubricant.
  • It is suitable for both engine and gearbox use.
  • It is also recommended for many single and multi-cylinder pre-1970 classic motorcycle engines under road and competition conditions.
  • Castrol Classic XXL 40 is for use in automotive gasoline engines where an SB performance level is required